Upcoming LAC conference

The 8th edition of the Landscape Archaeology Conference will take place from 10-14 June 2024.

The next Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC) will take place in Alcalá de Henares, Spain in June 2024. Under the title ‘Human challenges in a context of changing landscapes’, the conference aims to follow on from LAC2020+1, which was based in Madrid but due to the Covid pandemic was finally held online. LAC2024 also aims to gather an important number of international participants with an emphasis on interdisciplinary work.

For more information, see the LAC 2024 website.

Call for LAC Conference host nominees

To make the process of formulating candidacies for future LAC conferences (biannually) more transparent IALA calls for candidacies for hosts that want to organize a LAC conference as of 2026. Proposals for candidacies should be made by e-mail to contact@iala-lac.org, Subject: ‘LAC Host 2026 Candidacy’. The candidacies for LAC hosting should be in before 1 January 2024, they will be evaluated by the Advisory Board, and be formally presented and decided upon by the General Assembly during LAC2024.