Minutes of 3rd General Assembly (April 2019)

Date & time: 11th April 2019 10-11.30 AM

Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, HG12A44


  • Sjoerd Kluiving (VU Amsterdam, NL)
  • Daniel Knitter (CAU Kiel, DE)
  • Annelies Koopman (Capelle ad IJssel, NL)


  1. Opening 3rd GA, establishing Skype contacts Daniel Knitter, Annelies Koopman
  2. Minutes of 2nd GA Newcastle
  3. Financial Balance 2018 (report of subcommittee)
  4. LAC2020 decision on request G. Reher on incorporation IALA membership with registration
  5. Mixed: Cooperation with other (smaller/more local) associations, like Society for Near Eastern Archaeology. Members, awards and future plans
  6. Closure 3rd GA


1. Opening 2nd GA
Sjoerd explains the content of the meeting.

2. The minutes of the 2nd GA Newcastle have been signed, read and approved.

3. Financial Balance 2018 (report of subcommittee)
The financial balance of 2018, constructed by Daniel Knitter, has been approved by the independent subcommittee: Moritz Nykamp and Guillermo Reher. The accounts are OK, there is a balance between dashboard Mollie and mutations Triodos.
Daniel suggests to write and implement script for keeping track of for example Mollie payments.

Daniel needs to get access to Triodos account (with identifier). Letter with signatures was sent to Triodos, we wait for approval bank (check mailbox at VU).

4. Decision on request G. Reher: How to account for IALA registration at LAC2020?
Guillermo proposes 2 options (mail 27 February 2019):

  • As IALA member you pay reduced fees at LAC2020. Problem: far less income for conference.
  • LAC2020 attendees who become IALA member at conference pay reduced membership fee (i.e. half a membership fee) for IALA for the year 2020.

Second option seems to be promoted by LAC2020 organising committee.Annelies: advantages option 2: IALA gains more members and these members will probably remain with IALA in 2021 when they pay normal fees (not reduced) again.
Daniel also agrees on second option.
Sjoerd will report this decision of IALA board on ‘IALA registration during LAC2020’ to Guillermo Reher.

Membership Renewal (2019):

Sjoerd and Daniel: Email members to renew their membership in 2019. Personalize mails, not in bulk form!
Text proposal:
Thanks for supporting landscape archaeology research as a member of the International Association of Landscape Archaeology (IALA)! Unfortunately, IALA still has not received your membership fee for the year 2019. Please pay your subscription before the 1st of June 2019.
Benefits for IALA Members include:

  • Travel Awards for early career academics (Ba, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD students) to travel to LAC conferences
  • Awards for early career academics (Ba, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD students) to support in Article Processing Charges (APC’s)
  • Reduction on registration rates at the next Landscape Archaeology Conference (as of LAC2020)
  • Up to 10 free memberships in the IALA from among people at corporates (employees, students) for the year of corporate subscription
  • Corporate logo and link on IALA webpage for the year of corporate subscription
  • Free access to Journal Landscapes
  • Participation in the plenary session during the General Assembly
  • Voting rights in elections to the IALA Board and the Advisory Body and for any statutory change

5. Mixed:

  • Cooperation with other (smaller/more local) associations, like Society for Near Eastern Archaeology. How can this cooperation be filled in?

Sjoerd sugests to categorize IALA association: for example 3 categories, ranging from low (1) to high (3) cooperation: 1. E.g. carrying logo IALA, gifts IALA, support in costs for coffee break. 2. E.g.  price to young landscape researcher. 3. E.g. share costs for keynote speaker in IALA context.
Daniel: Not necessary for 3 different formats of cooperation with IALA.

Sjoerd: Decide case by case how cooperation will take place: more flexible. 

Annelies: keep it simple.

Daniel: SNELA –cooperation. SNELA session at LAC2020?

Sjoerd: Explore other cooperations, for example with EAA? Flexible cooperation with SNELA and copy it for other cooperations.

Awards for IALA members:

Travel awards: focus on 3 or 4 travel awards to LAC2020 in Madrid, only for IALA members. Requirements: e.g. accepted abstracts from excellent young (pre-PhD) researchers (young scientists) OR from researchers of LOW INCOME countries. To design and plan along timeline of organisation LAC2020 (more insight of timeline in summer 2019).

Awards for best dissertation and support in Article Processing Charges: Proposal to be presented at General Assembly during LAC2020.  

  • Database of Members

Daniel: we can ask IALA members to send us their contact details (e.g. institution/ discipline, research interests, links to social media, university profile) for construction of a database/web map, in order to foster exchange and visibility of researchers interested in landscape archaeology. Similar/ complimentary to the Database/map for landscape archaeology institutions at iala.uber.space.

  • Handbook IALA:

Annelies:Update handbook on how to deal with for example membership renewal and financial balances every year.

  • Translation of Statutes:

Daniel suggests to use DeepL for English translation of statutes instead of Google translate.

Sjoerd: check for legality by Hein Breukelaar?

  • Accessibility of General Assembly IALA:

Sjoerd: 4th GA in Madrid during LAC2020. 5th GA during ‘inter-LAC’ year. How can we make the 5th GA more accessible for members? It is important for members to understand IALA goals, methods and descisions.

Daniel: For example in a digital room? Climate friendly

6. Closure 3rd GA and action points

The 3rd General Assembly of IALA is closed with the following action points:

  • Access to Triodos account: check mailbox at VU for approval Triodos, so Daniel can get access to bank account.
  • 2018 on Google Drive IALA: Annelies will publish all documents related to financial balance 2018 on Google Drive IALA.
  • Financial Balance: Daniel will create a template for automated Financial Balance creation, to simplify the process of annual checking and to make accounting more transparent.
  • IALA registration and fees at LAC2020: Sjoerd will send Guillermo Reher decision IALA board on ‘IALA registration during LAC2020’ after minutes have been approved by IALA board.
  • Membership Renewal: Annelies will send a draft email for membership renewal, to be checked by Sjoerd and Daniel. If approved Annelies will send this email in a personal format to members.
  • Member Database: Ask members for contact details and permission to post it on IALA website. Daniel will send template of mail and Annelies will send it to all members when approved.
    Sjoerd will contact Thomas Kelderman (student assistant Clue+) for help with making contact details visible on map. 
  • Handbook IALA: Annelies will make handbook IALA accessible for all IALA board members on Google Drive.
  • Translation statutes: Daniel will provide translation of statutes in English with DeepL, to be checked for legality by for example Hein Breukelaar (contacted by Sjoerd).