Minutes of 2nd General Assembly (Sept 2018)

Date & time: 20/09/2018, 1:45-2:26

Location: University of Newcastle, Armstrong Building, Room 2.49; Newcastle-upon-Tyne (United Kingdom).


  • Sjoerd Kluiving (VU Amsterdam, NL)
  • Angelo Castrorao Barba (U Palermo, IT)
  • Graham Fairclough (U Newcastle, UK)
  • Emeri Farinetti (U Roma Tre, IT)
  • Bert Groenewoudt (RCE, NL)
  • Tomáš Hájek (independent, CZ)
  • Daniel Knitter (CAU Kiel, DE)
  • Moritz Nycamp (FU Berlin, DE)
  • Linda Olsvig-Whittaker (GPIA Jerusalem, IL)
  • Guillermo Reher (CSIC, ES)
  • Michael Teichmann (DAI, DE)
  • Giovanna Pizziolo (U Siena, IT)
  • Kostas Sbonias (Ionian U, GR)


  1. Opening 2nd GA
  2. Financial Balance 2017 (report of subcommittee)
  3. Project: Database (under construction)
  4. Resignation of IALA Board 2017-2018
  5. Results elections new IALA Board 2018-2022
  6. Members, awards and future plans
  7. Closure 2nd GA


Opening 2nd GA

Sjoerd Kluiving explains the content of the meeting and the main aims of IALA (foster interdisciplinarity, create a platform to exchange, and enhance interdisciplinary training). The IALA Advisory Board are various members who are distinguished in their field, including the organisers of past LAC conferences. The Advisory Board is appointed by the Governing Board. Of the Advisory Board, Bert Groenewoudt is present, and he introduces himself. Among his research concerns is the publishing of grey literature in archaeology.

The minutes of the 1st General Assembly, that took place in Amsterdam on 10/04/2018, are read and approved.

Financial Balance 2017 (report of subcommittee)

The financial balance of 2017 has been approved by the independent subcommittee: Daniel Knitter and Moritz Nykamp. The accounts are OK, as explained by Daniel Knitter. The treasurer, who had been in charge of those accounts, is Wiebke Bebermeier (FU Berlin, DE). The balance can be checked online on Google Drive.

Project: Database (under construction)

The Project Database is still under construction, it aims to map graduate or post-graduate education in landscape archaeology, either whole degrees or courses. It is an open-source geographical database.

Linda Olsvig-Whittaker suggests to encourage LAC participants from different countries, to contribute to this database, particularly in those areas of the world which are still blank.

Resignation of IALA Board 2017-2018

The IALA Governing Board has resigned, submitting their positions to elections by IALA members.

Results elections new IALA Board 2018-2022

The elections have just finished on 20/09/2018, and the results are in.

The results were the following:


Sjoerd Kluiving (12 votes). Winner.

Thomas Meier (1 vote).


Daniel Knitter (12 votes). Uncontested winner. He replaces Wiebke Bebermeier.


Annelies Koopman (12 votes). Uncontested winner. Remains in the position.

Members, awards and future plans

Benefits of being an IALA member

  • Participation in the plenary session during the General Assembly.
  • Voting rights in elections to the IALA Board and for any statutory change.
  • Free online access to Landscapes (Routledge).
  • Free give-aways, like a lustrum key chain and a free copy of the 1st LAC Proceedings.

Future plans

  • Awards for travel.
  • Support article processing charges.
  • Prize for the best doctoral dissertation.
  • Include IALA membership with LAC2020 registration.
  • Organise IALA-sponsored sessions at other international conferences.
  • Co-organise landscape archaeology workshops under the umbrella of IALA. 2 were already organized, one in 2012 in a PhD student conference in Amersfoort, and in 2013 at a Topoi conference in Berlin.
  • Organize IALA webinars. Recently, there was an environmental conference in California entirely online.

Closure 2nd GA

LAC2020 will take place in Madrid. Guillermo Reher explains the details.

The 2nd General Assembly of IALA is closed.