The 2nd board of IALA (September 2018-2022) consists of three committee members: President (Sjoerd Kluiving), Treasurer (Daniel Knitter), and Secretary (Annelies Koopman).

President: Sjoerd Kluiving

Sjoerd Kluiving (1963) studied Physical Geography and Geology at the University of Amsterdam and University of Alabama (U.S.A). As a geologist and physical geographer involved in applying earth sciences to archeology in interdisciplinary research and teaching, with emphasis on the Anthropocene. Project management in (field-based) evaluation of archeological monuments, extensive teaching and research experience and initiator and project manager of involving cultural history in planning processes. Sjoerd co-leads the newly established Environmental Humanities Center at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He receives in 2018-2022 Horizon 2020 funding in TERRANOVA and NWO Melting Pot. Sjoerd is (co-)supervising 6 PhD students in the field of landscape archaeology on the interface of archaeology and the earth sciences. Sjoerd is President in the IALA Board (2018-2022).


Treasurer: Daniel Knitter

Daniel Knitter (1984) studied geography at the Freie Universität Berlin. Doctoral thesis (2013) on central places and their relation the environment. He is postdoc research at Kiel university, where he investigates societal transformation processes. Besides, Daniel works in two interdisciplinary projects about the socio-environmental dynamics of UNESCO world heritage sites Göbekli Tepe as well as Pergamon. His main research interests are the relation between humans and space, processes of landscape creation and change, philosophy of science, as well as reproducible computational research. Daniel is Treasurer in the IALA Board (2018-2022).


Secretary: Annelies Koopman

Annelies Koopman (1983) studied Archaeology at Leiden University (2006) and attained a MSc-degree in Earth Sciences, specialisation Landscape Archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2010. Her research interests are located on the interface between earth sciences and archaeology for understanding (past) human-environment interactions. She has worked in several geoarchaeological and archaeological projects in the Middle East (Jordan, Syria), North Africa (Egypt) and Australia (Northern Queensland). Annelies is Secretary in the IALA Board (2018-2022).


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