IALA Student Council

In order to improve and promote communication with young researchers and interdisciplinary education, IALA is installing a Student Council. Would you like to help promote scientific exchanges in the emerging field of landscape archaeology, both in terms of promoting young scientists and transferring knowledge to the public? And are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student (Bachelor/Masters/PhD ) and a member of IALA? Then the IALA Student Council is the place to be for you! As part of the IALA student council, you will have several rights and responsibilities:
  • You will give advice to the board (both prompted and unprompted)
  • You have the right to vote on decisions made by the board (e.g. vote on awards, conferences, the future of IALA)
  • A representative of the Student Council will attend each board meeting
  • You may propose events, e.g. workshops, lectures and readings to organize according to the mission of IALA
To apply for the IALA student council, send your CV and motivation to info@iala-lac.com. For questions about the Student Council, direct them to info@iala-lac.com.