LAC 2020

Facing the worrying evolution of CoViD-19 and the current pandemic, the LAC2020 organizing committee and the International Association of Landscape Archaeology have decided to postpone the conference. The congress took place in June 2021. It was held in the same conditions between June 8 and 11.

We appreciate all the work carried out by all of you. It has not been lost, merely postponed. Our hope is that a LAC2020+1 will be, not a cancellation of LAC2020, but an improved and even more successful event!

In these difficult times, from the organizing committee of LAC2020 and the IALA we want to send you a message of encouragement and hope. Together, we will overcome this situation.

For more information, please visit the website of LAC2020.

Since the first meeting in Amsterdam in 2010, the biennial conferences of the International Association of Landscape Archaeology-IALA have developed a certain prestige and tradition. The conference is both international and interdisciplinary and is open to an increasing number of participants.

Landscape Archaeology is much more than just archaeology, it is a composite of methodologies that encompasses various disciplines such as anthropology, environmental science, geography, geology, cultural heritage management, landscape architecture and history. Thus, the LAC 2020 is a forum where sedimentological study and the history of art both coexist.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is in the heart of the Meseta Castellana, the central plateau of the Iberian Peninsula. This region has been historically linked with the formation of the Spanish Empire, and as such it is a landscape of power intimately linked to the tensions that historically have been associated with the state in Spain. Hemingway described Madrid as “The most Spanish of all cities.” It is a cosmopolitan city and a hub for all of the diversity the comprises the country. It is endowed with important cultural resources such as the Prado-Recoletos axis, and it is encompassed by a multitude of nearby UNESCO world heritage sites.