IALA Board Election Sept 2018

The IALA Board Election September 2018 for the next President, Treasurer and Secretary was closed on 20 September 2018. We thank all those IALA members who used their voting right!

In total, 12 IALA members voted in this election. Please see the results below.

IALA President

Sjoerd Kluiving (12 votes). Elected. 

Thomas Meier (1 vote).

Sjoerd Kluiving was elected to serve as IALA President for the term 2018-2022.

IALA Treasurer

Daniel Knitter (12 votes). Elected

Daniel Knitter was elected to serve as IALA Treasurer for the term 2018-2022. He replaces Wiebke Bebermeier.

IALA Secretary

Annelies Koopman (12 votes). Elected.

Annelies Koopman was elected to serve as IALA Secretary for the term 2018-2022. Remains in the position.