General Assembly

The IALA General Assembly is open to all members and takes place annually. In uneven years the meeting is held in Amsterdam at the Vrije Universiteit, or at another suitable venue. In even years the meeting is coupled with the simultaneous LAC conference and takes place at the designated conference location.


The upcoming election for the next Board of IALA will take place during the General Assembly held at Newcastle/ Durham during LAC 2018 in September 2018. The newly elected Board members will serve as the IALA Board for the next 4 years, unless is decided differently during the General Assembly.
Please see here the current candidates already presented for the new IALA Board !  

Board Resignation

Board members            Year of Resignation 

Sjoerd Kluiving                               2018

Wiebke Bebermeier                       2018

Annelies Koopman                        2018